SAVE SHEILA ROWBOTHAM Campaign group, University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Professor Sheila Rowbotham has been told that her contract is not going to be renewed at the end of 2008. The University OF Manchester is forcing her to retire on the grounds that they cannot afford to pay her salary (she only wants a third of her current salary to continue teaching). The University is currently paying Martin Amis £80,000 for 28 hours…..A YEAR. Sheila is an immense asset to our University and WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE HER.

Sheila was an integral part of many of the movements she teaches about, proving that her age is not a hindrance but that her experience and extensive knowledge make her teaching come alive.

To see for yourself, please visit and

If you have been taught by or influenced by Sheila in any way, please email the top shotters with whom this decision rests and FORCE THEM TO RECONSIDER THEIR POSITION. It doesn't matter how big or small the influence, or long or short the email, just let them know you strongly disagree with this forced retirement.

Please email by 10th March 2008:
* Head of Social Sciences (professor)
* Dean of Humanities (professor)
* President and Vice Chancellor

Pls. c.c your letter of support to

Sheila is due to meet Prof. David Farrell, the Head of Social Sciences on 11th March about her request to stay on only at 1/3 of her current post. The Human Resources Department which processes her contract hardly knows who she is and Prof. Farrell himself admits that he is not acquainted with her credentials and background. In other words, people who have the authority to decide her future in the University is not familiar with her work as a scholar and teacher.

If her peers like yourself, fellow feminists and academics whom you know, and other internationally known academics who have known Sheila and her work could email the decision-makers before 11th March, it would help boost her case! The fact that 150 students have already signed up to support her attests to the fact that she is a valued asset for the University and the students love her.

You can also join the SAVE SHEILA ROWBOTHAM Group in and forward your emails you have sent to the University to us there.

Yours in solidarity,
SAVE SHEILA ROWBOTHAM Campaign group, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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