Mobile Roaming: Fair charges and more competition. Angelika Niebler MEP

Mobile Roaming: Fair charges and more competition. Angelika Niebler MEP


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Brussels, 10 May 2012

Caps for mobile phone charges abroad (roaming) will be tightened as from July. The European Parliament adopted the new EU Regulation today. There will be new price caps for phone calls, text messages and - for the first time - data downloads. "We have brought about more competition in the market to put an end to the ripping-off of consumers. The current charges, for mobile downloads in particular, reflect in no way the real costs", said European Parliament Rapporteur Angelika Niebler, EPP Group MEP.

The charges for mobile roaming downloads will be at a maximum of 70 Cents per megabyte as from July. As from July 2014, the limit will decrease to 20 Cents. The European Commission had proposed 50 Cents at first and 90 Cents as from July this year. Text messages will cost a maximum of nine Cents as from July and five Cents as from from July 2014. In addition, the charges for voice calls will be further capped too. Received calls will be limited to five Cents per minute and outgoing calls to 19 Cents, both as from July 2014. "The charges should at last come in line with the real technical effort required", said Mrs Niebler.

There will be fair access to networks for smaller providers (open access) including the possibility of using local providers on the ground (local break-out). "It will be possible to use different providers for calls and data roaming, for example. Such structural measures can finally create healthier competition", said Angelika Niebler.


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