Communist Party of Israel leading member "congratulates" pirate army's victory

Communist Party of Israel

Communist Party of Israel leading member "congratulates" pirate army's victory

Demos in Israel – today and in the coming weekend

A Communist Party of Israel leading member, MK Mohammad Barakeh, Chairman of Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) "congratulated" the Israeli prime minister and Defense Minister for "the shining victory of their pirate army on the freedom civilian sail".

"The crimes of the pirate government in killing some of the sail's participants put the government beyond international and human law. Tyrants like Bibi and Barak will find themselves in the suitable place in the garbage can of history", said MK Barake.

A demonstration by the Israeli Coalition against the siege in Gaza, supporting the flotilla will be held today afternoon, (Monday, May 31) at 4:00 p.m., in front of the Ashdod port. "We will be there to express our solidarity with the flotilla. And will call to break the siege and open the gates of Gaza ", said an activist of the coalition.

This coming Saturday (June 5), another demonstration will be held, in the Center of Tel-Aviv , organized by a coalition comprised of the CP of Israel and Hadash, "Peace Now" movement, "Yesh Gvul" refusenik movement, "Meretz" Party (social-democratic party), "Gush Shalom" peace movement, "Combatants for Peace" (Israeli-Palestinian peace group), Physicians for Human Rights and others, at the eve of the 43rd anniversary of the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Another two demonstrations will be held this coming Friday (June 4). In West Jerusalem it is organized by "Women in Black" and in East Jerusalem it is organized by peace activists and Communist Party members, directed against the settlers in the Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Last Saturday lawyers served new eviction notices to two Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a permanent focus of struggle for the Arab residents and Israeli peace activists against settlers.


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